TODAY IS DAY 39. February 27, 2017.
For a minimum contribution of $30, you'll have access to unlimited streaming and downloads of all 100 songs in the project. Preview individual tracks below. One new track added each day at noon EST.
DAY 38 BUY Trevor Sensor, “These Dark Days” DAY 37 BUY Lavendar Country, “Red Dress” DAY 36 BUY Aero Flynn, “Picture” DAY 35 BUY Buke and Gase, “Dress (PJ Harvey Cover)” DAY 34 BUY Gold Panda, “Halyards (Pedro Vian Remix)” DAY 33 BUY Bop English, “I Feel So Lost” DAY 32 BUY Speedy Ortiz, “In My Way” DAY 31 BUY Will Johnson, “All Our Deeds (Sure Find Their Ways)” DAY 30 BUY Dntel (Feat. Benoit Pioulard), “Fringes Of Focus” DAY 29 BUY Mind Over Mirrors, “Sky Colorer” DAY 28 BUY Surfer Blood, “Bacon Frying” DAY 27 BUY A Place To Bury Strangers, “Everyone's The Same” DAY 26 BUY DRINKS, “I Am A Miserable Pig” DAY 25 BUY The Range, “Retune (Redone)” DAY 24 BUY Tara Jane O'Neil, “Ballad of El Goodo” DAY 23 BUY Cross Record, “Sharpness” DAY 22 BUY Adam Torres, “Dreamers In America” DAY 21 BUY Tim Heidecker, “Trump Talkin' Nukes” DAY 20 BUY Jessica Lea Mayfield, “The World Won't Stop (Demo)” DAY 19 BUY Hurray for the Riff Raff, “Everybody Knows” DAY 18 BUY Ryley Walker, “The Great & Undecided (Alt. Version)” DAY 17 BUY Califone, “Comedy” DAY 16 BUY Bowerbirds, “Sweet Hereafter” DAY 15 BUY Helado Negro, “Levantar Las Piernas (2012 Demo)” DAY 14 BUY Bill Fay, “Shame” DAY 13 BUY Toro Y Moi, “Omaha” DAY 12 BUY Peter Silberman, “Feeling Yourself Disintegrate (The Flaming Lips Cover)” DAY 11 BUY Joan of Arc, “Vampire E.R.” DAY 10 BUY Entrance, “Not Gonna Say Your Name (A Cappella Mix)” DAY 9 BUY S. Carey, “Come To Me” DAY 8 BUY Meat Wave, “Dogs At Night” DAY 7 BUY Tilman Robinson & Luke Howard, “Requiem for 2016” DAY 6 BUY Suuns, “Native Tongue” DAY 5 BUY Women, “Group Transport Hall (Alternative Version)” DAY 4 BUY Jason Molina, “Royko” DAY 3 BUY Avey Tare, “Visit the Dojo (Slasher Flicks Demo)” DAY 2 BUY PWR BTTM, “Vacation” DAY 1 BUY Angel Olsen, “Fly On Your Wall”